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VectorC for PlayStation®2 VU

VectorC{VU} has been discontinued and is no longer available. Support enquiries from existing licensees will still be accepted however.

VectorC {VU} Overview

VectorC{VU} is a C/C++ compiler which generates micro-mode code for the PlayStation®2 vector units, VU0 and VU1. This is the only compiler available for these essential components of the PlayStation®2 which previously required assembly language programming.

The vector units typically run small low-level programs to perform the computationally intensive routines that are required in today’s demanding entertainment software. However the development process is time consuming because of the requirement to write the custom vector unit assembly language. The learning curve is also high and developers are faced with having to learn a new instruction set with little relation to any assembly language they may be familiar with in the past.

VectorC {VU} allows developers familiar with C/C++ to get started writing programs to run on the vector units right away. The C++ source for these programs is correspondingly easier to read and maintain throughout the development of a PlayStation®2 title and indeed reuse in other titles.

VectorC {VU} targets both vector units.

VectorC {VU} in a nutshell = Complex VU1 code: Implement features you don't want to do in assembly. Prototyping: Get code onto the VU, change and recompile quickly. From EE to VU: More rendering pipeline onto VU, reduce EE bottlenecks. Existing code: In-line support exploits your existing code. Maintainability: Anyone can create, enhance and extend VU code in C.

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