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For companies selling their own AI processors, Codeplay provides all the performance and programmability solutions that the end customer requires.

  1. ComputeAorta™
  2. Acoran™
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Codeplay is working hard with partners and the community to build out a large AI and HPC open-source and open-standard ecosystem for accelerator processors.

  1. ComputeCpp™
  2. TensorFlow™
  5. Eigen
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Codeplay's Acoran™ platform can enable a wide range of accelerated frameworks for ADAS software using industry standards, whilst achieving functional safety.

  1. ComputeCpp™
  2. ComputeAorta™
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Codeplay Solution

Codeplay has developed a range of products called Acoran™ that bridge the gap between the latest AI processors and AI application developers using well established open standard interfaces.

These products have been developed for use in a range of market segments, including safety critical products such as ADAS and ultimately the autonomous vehicle.

In software, an open standards layer is an interface specification for developers to base their solutions on. Similarly, processor developers create solutions with low-level software drivers that expose an open standards layer.

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