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Since 2002, Codeplay® has been committed to defining open standards and supporting open ecosystems for accelerated computing.

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oneAPI Solutions

oneAPI Ecosystem

The Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation sets the open specification, with input and collaboration from across the industry via Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Anyone can get involved with these SIGs - join and participate in the Foundation.

Individual organizations can then create their own implementations of the oneAPI specification. Intel has developed their own implementation of this specification, and we have developed several plugins for this implementation. These are our NVIDIA/AMD compatibility plugins, and our recently open sourced oneAPI Construction Kit.

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The oneAPI Plugins for NVIDIA and AMD bring all the benefits of heterogeneous computing to your hardware. The plugins are used along with Intel's oneAPI Base Toolkit and is also compatible with a wide range of oneAPI libraries.

Furthermore, these plugins have been fully open sourced, allowing you to build them for your own implementation of oneAPI.

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oneAPI Construction Kit

The oneAPI Construction Kit brings oneAPI and the SYCL open standard to new and custom hardware. It is a framework with accompanying software components, tutorials and a RISC-V Reference Platform – all curated by our own expert developers, showing you how to implement oneAPI and SYCL on your own hardware.

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Research Projects

Codeplay is committed to building the open ecosystems for heterogeneous computing. We are leaders in this, and are currently involved in two fully-funded EU Horizons Research Projects. These are undertaken in collaboration with academic, research and commercial organizations across Europe.

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  • AERO

    AERO aims to complement the efforts of the EPI project by developing the open-source software ecosystem required to not only improve the efficiency of the EPI hardware but also accelerate and ease the processor’s integration into the cloud.


    Project focused on advancing AI/data mining for extremely large and diverse data for Europe and beyond, by democratizing its acceleration through open standards and a healthy, competitive, and innovating ecosystem.