Management Team

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Aaron Dron

VP of Infrastructure

Aaron is the VP of Infrastructure, responsible for all of Codeplay’s IT needs as well as the extensive test infrastructure used to ensure that our projects are standards compliant, fast, and compatible with a broad array of high performance and embedded hardware.

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Alastair Murray

VP of Product Engineering

Alastair, VP of Product Engineering, is responsible for the development of Codeplay’s products and involvement in standards bodies.

He holds a PhD in Informatics, focussed on compiler design, from the University of Edinburgh and went on to do further research in compilation for heterogeneous systems before joining Codeplay in 2014. At Codeplay he was involved in setting up research projects, leading the development of the ComputeAorta toolkit for implementing OpenCL and Vulkan compute, and contributing to writing the OpenCL specification.

Now as the VP of Product Engineering he works together with the product development teams to continue to push the quality and capabilities of Codeplay’s heterogeneous language and compiler products, drive involvement in the standards for those languages, and accelerate machine learning libraries ready for customer platforms.

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Andrew Richards


CEO and co-founder of Codeplay, Andrew started his career writing video games in the days of 8-bit computers, progressing to become a lead games programmer at Eutechnyx™, where he wrote best-selling titles such as Pete Sampras Tennis and Total Drivin’. Codeplay have been producing compilers for games consoles, special-purpose processors and GPUs since then. As well as being CEO and Founder of Codeplay Software Ltd, Andrew is also the Chair of the Software working group of the HSA Foundation™ and former Chair of the SYCL™ for OpenCL™ sub-group of the Khronos® Group.

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Charles Macfarlane


Charles is Chief Business Officer and Director and has been with Codeplay since 2014 . He is responsible for sales, marketing and business development. Charles graduated from Glasgow University with an honours degree in Electronic Systems and Microprocessor Engineering. Charles then followed a career doing ASIC chip design in GEC Plessey Semiconductors and Pioneer, applications engineering and marketing with VLSI/Philips/NXP in South France, and product marketing director with Broadcom® in Cambridge for mobile multimedia solutions used by Nokia®, Samsung® and Raspberry Pi®.

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Duncan McCreadie

Financial Director

Duncan joined Codeplay, as Finance Director, in 2018 as the business expanded with equity investment.
A member of CIMA with an honours degree in Economics and Finance. He has over 20 years of experience focused on management accounting within SME’s, PE backed and Multinational PLC businesses. Latterly, this has expanded into business strategy and business transformation. At Codeplay, Duncan has responsibility for all aspects of finance and control in addition to contributing to the overall business strategy.

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Henrique Quaresma

VP of Engineering for Customer Projects

Henrique Quaresma is the VP of Engineering for Customer Projects at Codeplay. He is responsible for the successful delivery of projects to our customers, ranging from bespoke development projects to the integration of Codeplay’s complete technology stack on a customer’s platforms. After graduating in Aerospace Engineering (with a major focus in Avionics systems) at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal), Henrique spent his time between Lisbon and Toulouse in France working towards a Ph.D. in Microelectronics focused on Mixed-signal SoCs. Then since 2007, Henrique has been enjoying the outstanding Scottish landscape and pursuing career challenges such as design and modelling of semiconductor devices and ASICs in a wafer Fab, Project Management in the Space Industry (embedded systems) and Agile Project Management and Agile coaching of software development teams. Henrique and his teams on the Customer Projects Engineering Division are always keen to take on a challenging project and closely collaborate with customers to deliver real value.

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Karon Davis


Karon is the Chief Operating Officer and was appointed as a Director to the Board in 2018. After studying for a Politics degree from Nottingham University, Karon worked overseas for many years teaching and then latterly moved into Operations Management. She has held a variety of operational roles and has been with Codeplay since 2011. She is responsible for implementing and maintaining all business and HR processes as well as ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation, as well as contributing to the business strategy. She is an Associate Member of the CIPD

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Mehdi Goli

VP R&D Projects

Mehdi is VP of R&D, responsible for leading impactful, influential, and innovative research and development projects, ensuring Codeplay remains a leading independent provider of AI and HPC enablement.

He joined Codeplay in 2017 as a Senior Software Engineer in AI Parallelisation and he was the Team Lead of Eigen, SYCL-BLAS, and Nvidia backend for Intel oneMKL and oneDNN. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Board for Intel oneMKL.

Before joining Codeplay, he was a research associate at the University of West of Scotland for 2 years working with Codeplay through Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP) to deliver the VisionCPP framework. Prior to that, he completed his PhD in Parallel Computing at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (2015), during which he was a Research Assistant in Parallel Computing at IDEAS Research Institute, working on the ParaPhrase project.

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Rod Burns

VP Ecosystem

Rod is the VP Ecosystem at Codeplay responsible for ensuring developers are successful in building great software using Codeplay products. He is also helping to grow the SYCL and OpenCL developer communities through events and online activities. Rod graduated with a BSc in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow going on to work for companies including Symbian, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Inmarsat in both engineering and technical consulting roles. Throughout his career Rod has worked on the first European smartphone to have a camera and the first Walkman™ branded smartphone, brought Spotify and other major apps to the Symbian platform, organized large conferences including WIPJam at MWC, and launched new open source projects like SYCL Academy.

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Ruyman Reyes


Ruyman Reyes, CTO, is responsible for the technical roadmap of Codeplay, making sure the company technology offering matches our customer and partners interests, and overall overseeing all engineering teams on the company. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of La Laguna in Compilers and Parallel Programming, where he presented the first OpenACC OpenCL compiler in his dissertation “Directive based approach to Heterogeneous Computing”. Before joining Codeplay as Research Engineer in December 2013, he worked on different european research projects, such as TeXT(, and contributed to various HPC applications, like CP2K and GROMACS. In Codeplay, he worked in the design and later production of ComputeCpp, Codeplay’s SYCL implementation, leading the development teams and the standardization effort, contributing to several conferences and initiating different projects, such as SYCL Parallel STL and SYCL-BLAS. He is a member and contributor of the SYCL WG and the oneAPI Technical Advisory Board (oneAPI TAB), and has lead the DPC++ CUDA implementation effort from Codeplay side.

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Verena Beckham

VP Safety Engineering

Verena , the VP of Safety Engineering, is leading Codeplay’s efforts to develop functionally safe software for the automotive industry. She obtained masters degrees from Cambridge and Edinburgh University, in Mathematics and Informatics, and has been an engineer and team leader at Codeplay since 2006. At Codeplay she developed into a compiler expert, focused on providing customers with high-quality software solutions for their next generation accelerators.