Cookie Policy

This page lists all the cookies that we may store on your browser. We have also listed the 3rd party services that we use, as these services may also store their own cookies.

By default, and if you select “decline” on the cookie policy popup, we will attempt to block all cookies from being stored on your browser with the exception of any “Strictly Necessary” cookies.

For information on how we define cookies and their usage, please visit for more information.

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Our Services

Cookie Name Service Usage Party Type
CDCCOOKIESACCEPTED Used to determine if you have accepted (or not) cookies on this site. 1st Party Preference
CDCHIDEALERT Used to hide the alert banner. 1st Party Preference

Third Party Services

We use a number of 3rd party services on this website to help improve your browsing experience.

Due to the nature of 3rd party services, we cannot accurately control or list the cookies that they may set. To understand the cookies that they set, please click on a service listed below to visit that services privacy policy.

Service Example Cookies Usage
Google Analytics _ga, _gid, _gat_gtag_*, etc We use Google Analytics to understand users and how they interact with our website.
Google ReCAPTCHA _GRECAPTCHA We use Google ReCAPTCHA to prevent SPAM on some of our pages
Twitter Widget _ct0, _gt, _guest_id, _d_prefs, etc We use the Twitter Timeline Widget on our portal home page to show our latest tweets.
YouTube Embed Video DV, YSC, etc We use the YouTube embedded widget to allow users to watch YouTube videos on our site.