oneAPI is an open, cross-industry and standards-based programming model that delivers a standardized experience across different hardware architectures. This empowers developers to choose from a range of hardware based on what works best for their unique use case, without being restricted by proprietary coding.

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The Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation

The UXL exists to define a standards-based, cross-architecture, open specification for accelerated computing and to foster the open-source implementations of the specification.

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oneAPI Open Ecosystem

oneAPI, the Open Specification

Any organization can create their own implementation of the oneAPI open specification. Intel® leads the development of the largely open source oneAPI Base Toolkit and you can get started by downloading this from their website.

Intel also provides a variety of add-on toolsets for use cases – whether you're working on the latest HPC, cutting-edge data science and AI or visual graphics, there are a range of available toolkits to bring oneAPI to your workflow.

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Codeplay®'s oneAPI Solutions

At Codeplay, we have created plugins that are compatible with Intel's oneAPI Base Toolkit as well as a Construction Kit designed to allow you to build support for oneAPI on your own custom hardware