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Sieve C++ Retargetable

Same code, unlimited platforms.

Processor architectures are changing all the time. Consumer demand for more features and lower prices drives microprocessor design evolution at an ever increasing rate.

This places unavoidable demands on application programmers. When new changes are made or new features are added to a processor, software must be rewritten to take advantage of them.

Sieve C++ is an extension to your existing software development environment that provides a highly configurable toolset and C++ programming model for modifying existing source code or writing new applications that are completely portable across different multi-core targets.

Sieve C++ Retargetable Provides 3 base components to aid application development:

  • C++ language extensions which provide a simple way for programmers to offload chunks of code to a target processor core, similar to using pthreads but less complex and completely OS independent.
  • A custom built Sieve runtime library, specially optimized by us to achieve full performance of the target processor.
  • A Sieve C++ compiler, which compiles Sieve C++ modified code and generates ANSI compliant C through its OutputC backend. So long as you have a C compiler* for the target processor element Sieve C++ fully supports your platform. The Sieve C++ Retargetable compiler is equipped with powerful configuration options that allow programmers to enable processor specific features (such as SIMD operations, memory spaces) that they may have on one target platform for their application, but might not be available on another.
  • If you don t have C compiler and you need one then we can help you with that too.Do you want to have your programmers learn new architectures, write new applications and then start over again every time the target processor changes? If you want to save time and investment in software then Sieve C++ retargetable is the tool that will give you the edge over your competitors.Whats in it for me?

Everything you need for writing portable applications for a plethora of current and future multicore devices; A programming system that lets you write portable software for multicore processor architectures, a configurable compiler with a C backend that supports your target platform, and customized runtime libraries developed to your specification by Codeplay.

We also offer analysis tools to assist programmers in writing performance optimized and dependency-free multicore accelerated code, plus the advice and support of our highly experienced Compiler engineers.What do I do now?

Contact us to set up a discussion to explore your needs and requirements. If you decide that our solution is what you need then we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the components of the system we will build for you, how we will do it and what we will need from you.

In order to assist your team in understanding how Sieve C++ will help and how it is used we can provide demo evaluations that run under x86 Windows and Cell Linux if necessary.