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Sieve C++ OutputC

Sieve C++ OutputC is a tool for compiling platform-independent Sieve C++ code to different processor architectures for which a C compiler exists. The OutputC tool, instead of producing a hardware specific binary program, compiles the multi-core optimized C++ program down to optimized ANSI C code similar to intermediate representation or bytecode.

The object filess can then be created by compiling the OutputC .c and .h files using an existing compiler for the target architecture (such as GCC).

The OutputC capabilities of Sieve make the system very flexible. Not only does it allow the Sieve multicore programming tool to integrate seamlessly into existing developer tool chains, it also ensures complete portability across different processor platforms.

Sieve C++ code can be compiled for any processor architecture with an existing C compiler and a target-dependent Sieve runtime.

What's in it for me?

A tool for compiling full C++ with any custom API calls or language extensions into C. The potential applications are quite varied, from compiler based-tools to source code obsfuscation. There are no doubt many other uses that we haven't thought of yet!

What do I do now?

If this sounds like the kind of system that could help you then contact us to discuss how we can adapt OutputC for your needs and probide a tailor made solution.