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Sieve C++ Offloading Tools

Easy offloading for Serial Programmers

Writing real-world software can get complicated when you need to get parts of it running on accelerator processors.

We know that writing and scheduling parts of your software to be accelerated on those extra processor cores, which are likely to be a completely different architecture from the host CPU, is a time consuming and unnecessarily laborious process.

That s why we created our Sieve C++ Offloading tools suite; an easy to use system for writing portable code that can be offloaded onto accelerator processors. At the heart of the system lies SieveThreads, a simple set of C++ extensions that allows the programmer to specify which parts of their program they want to offload. SieveThreads are like pthreads, only much simpler to implement.

As part of the Sieve C++ Offloading suite Codeplay also provide a customized runtime library targeted to your processor requirements. There is no limit to the unusual and unconventional processor architectures that we can support; that s what Codeplay does best. Even better, if the architecture of your accelerator processor changes at a future date then you won t need to re-write your code, all you will need is a new runtime library.

SieveThreads makes offloading easy and your code future-proof.

The best part is that with Sieve C++ you are not replacing your tool chain or changing the way you work. The Sieve tools integrate seamlessly with your existing tool chain. Sieve C++ is an enhancement, not a replacement.

What s in it for me?

A fast and easy way to offload your code to an accelerator processor and performance analysis tools to guide programmers in the most efficient way to offload and optimize. You will also receive runtime libraries targeted and optimized to your processor architectures.

You also benefit from Codeplay s expert knowledge and support throughout the process and as long as you need us.

What do I do now?

Send us an email or give us a call and we ll set up a discussion to explore your situation. If you decide that Sieve C++ meets your requirements then we can prepare a detailed proposal outlining what we can do, how we propose to do it and what we would need from you.

We understand that there may be only so much information regarding your requirements you can provide us without a Non-Disclosure agreement. Rest assured that we are familiar with this scenario.

There are demo evaluations for Sieve C++ for X86 Windows PC and Cell Linux that we can make available for download should you require them.