SYCL Training

Codeplay has experience in delivering both virtual and on-site SYCL training, and have several courses available to deliver with a focus on hands-on coding exercises. We can also produce custom training modules where other topics are required.

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Our Training Programme

SYCL™ is a programming model that lets developers support a wide variety of devices (CPUs, GPUs, and more) from a single code base. Given the growing heterogeneity of processor roadmaps, moving to a platform-independent model such as SYCL is essential for modern software developers. SYCL has the further advantage of supporting a single-source style of programming from completely standard C++.

Codeplay has been involved with SYCL from the original definition of the standard in 2014 and have developed ComputeCpp™, the first SYCL v1.2.1 conformant implementation. Our engineers are working with SYCL code on a daily basis and can use that experience to help your developers become SYCL experts.

Codeplay can organize training programmes to suit all environments and all levels of experience. Explore, prototype and design with SYCL then transform your code to run on parallel and heterogeneous systems.

A Practical Introduction to SYCL

1 day training course on-site

Maximum 8 people

This module will introduce the fundamentals of SYCL with an emphasis on practical exercises. Attendees will be led through short presentations, followed by hands-on exercises giving them a solid foundation to build on and then to gain mastery in this language.

  • Introduction to SYCL
  • Device topology
  • Data Management
  • Writing SYCL kernels
  • Memory Management
  • Custom

App Development with SYCL

1 day training course on-site

Maximum 8 people

This module follows on from a "Practical Introduction to SYCL." Attendees port and optimize SYCL mini applications following the principles of SYCL kernel optimization. Learn how to write good SYCL code and the best approaches for optimizing code to achieve the best performance.

  • Memory optimization
  • Advanced buffer usage
  • Advanced accessors
  • Avoiding execution conflicts
  • SYCL code optimization techniques
  • Custom

Guided Migrating from CUDA® to SYCL

1 day training course on-site

Maximum 8 people

This module will equip CUDA developers with the knowledge and tools needed to migrate their codebase to SYCL. Attendees will work through a set of common CUDA design patterns and learn how to migrate this code to use SYCL using a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises.

  • Introduction to SYCL concepts
  • CUDA and SYCL execution models
  • CUDA and SYCL memory models
  • Converting vector addition
  • Converting a reduction algorithm
  • Threads in CUDA and SYCL