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For companies selling their own processors, Codeplay provides all the performance and programmability solutions that the end customer requires.

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What Is Aorta What Is Aorta


ComputeAorta is Codeplay’s multi-target, multi-platform framework for rapidly enabling delivery of the OpenCL™, SPIR-V™, Vulkan™ and oneAPI compute standard programming models. It supports Linux®, Windows® and Android™ operating systems across x86, ARM®, and RISC-V® targets, and can be easily customized to your hardware.

DSPs: ComputeAorta has a range of optimizations to support DSPs. This lets software developers quickly bring their GPU code to DSP architectures and gain all the performance and power benefits of optimized DSPs.

The Perfect Framework for Delivering Acceleration

ComputeAorta delivers industry standard programming models while enabling all the required higher level frameworks and libraries.

Ensure software developers can use widely adopted open standards to accelerate their applications using your processor.

  1. oneAPI
  2. OpenCL™
  3. Vulkan™
  4. LLVM™
  1. GLOW
  2. Halide
  3. TVM
  4. TensorFlow™
Frameworks 1 Frameworks 2

Easy Porting from CUDA® to SYCL™


ComputeCpp is Codeplay's implementation of the SYCL programming model, an open standard from the Khronos® Group. It enables software developers to write standard C++ code using a familiar development environment, and supports a wide range of frameworks for BLAS, DNN, machine learning, and more.

Easy migration from CUDA to SYCL

SYCL is being used in high performance computing and advanced driver assistance systems as an easy route to migrate away from using NVIDIA® GPUs and CUDA. Open up a large AI ecosystem using ComputeCpp, and make it easy for developers using CUDA to move their code to your processor.

Silicon Enablement Silicon Enablement

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About SYCL

The SYCL 2020 Provisional Specification marks a significant milestone helping improve time-to-performance in programming heterogeneous computing systems through more productive and familiar C++ programming constructs.

Jeff McVeigh

Vice president, datacenter XPU products and solutions, Intel

Imagination recognizes the benefit of SYCL across multiple markets, enabling a straightforward and performant way to exploit the compute performance of our IP and is why our software stacks have been designed to improve SYCL performance.

Mark Butler

Vice president of software engineering, Imagination Technologies

NSITEXE supports the SYCL 2020 technology, which is gaining attention in embedded applications. We are considering adopting this technology in our next generation of IP platforms.

Hideki Sugimoto


Xilinx is excited about the progress achieved with SYCL 2020. This single-source C++ framework unifies host and device code for various kinds of accelerators in the same C++ program.

Ralph Wittig

Fellow, Xilinx

Core Features

Feature Do We Support It
On-chip SRAM ComputeAorta private/local/global/constant/scratchpad memory.
Multiple Address Spaces ComputeCpp call-graph-duplication; ComputeAorta address-space management.
SIMD instructions VECZ: Converts GPU-style SPMD code into DSP-style SIMD intrinsics.
DMA ComputeAorta supports various DMA styles internally; ComputeCpp supports DMA accessors and DMA scheduling.
Processor-specific Extensions ComputeAorta & ComputeCpp have extensions for specific types of instruction and can be extended per-device.
Matrix multiply or Convolution Units OpenCL "built-in-kernels" are supported in ComputeAorta for fixed-function accelerator units.
Device-specific Graph Compilers TensorOpt for SYCL integration with TensorFlow & graph compilers. ComputeAorta supports MLIR, SPIR-V, Glow and TVM.

The Expertise Needed to Deliver all your Solutions

Codeplay has many years of experience in delivering compilers, debuggers, profilers and runtimes for processors used in a multitude of markets.

We can license ComputeAorta and ComputeCpp and all the associated customization services to deliver a rock solid high performance for AI, Embedded & HPC.

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ComputeAorta is based on a published Khronos Specification and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Process. Current conformance status can be found at