Codeplay leads the development of the world's fastest-growing open ecosystem for AI and HPC acceleration. Our contributions power everything from smartphone graphics to science on future Exascale supercomputers.

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Migrate Your Software To Open Standards

Our teams have worked successfully with organizations to support and enable the migration of their software from proprietary programming APIs to open standard SYCL™. These organizations include US National Laboratories, research institutes and corporations.



  • Delivered training sessions for developers at IWOCL, SuperComputing and ISC
  • Presented at dozens of conferences on SYCL development​
  • Provide working group leadership and contributions to evolve the SYCL standard​

Code Migration

  • Supporting US National Labs migrating their HPC codebases from CUDA to open standards
  • Optimized and delivered a BLAS open source project for an automotive customer
  • Bringing SYCL the next generation of frameworks for machine learning such as TensorFlow and Eigen​

Commercial Support

  • In partnership with LBNL and ANL we have developed and maintained Nvidia® GPU support for DPC++​
  • Deliver commercial SYCL development tools and support for automotive customers
  • Our teams deliver developer tools for safe and critical applications used in drones and space applications​

What Is SYCL?

The SYCL open standard makes it easy for developers who want to write modern C++ software and bring it to a broad range of processors. Find out more about SYCL on the Khronos® website.

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Our SYCL Based Solutions

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ComputeCpp, our implementation of SYCL™, is the world's first SYCL v1.2.1 conformant implementation. This is the result of all the work we have done within Khronos® to define an open standard programming model that works across multiple platforms and devices.

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oneAPI for NVIDIA® and AMD

Codeplay has developed oneAPI for NVIDIA and AMD, enabling developers to use oneAPI to target Intel, AMD and Nvidia® processors using a single unified, production ready toolchain.​Developers can use this technology today and obtain professional support from Codeplay.

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Professional Services

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Prioritized Technical Support


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Prioritized Support & Maintenance

DPC++ for CUDA

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Porting And Optimization Services

SYCL and DPC++ for CUDA

Get Started with SYCL

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Find a range of guides, tutorials and reference documentation.

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Open Source Projects


AI Graph Compiler

Compiler Testing

Compilers and Debuggers

Training and Education

ComputeAorta is based on a published Khronos Specification and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Process. Current conformance status can be found at