Automotive demands software robustness and safety to bring AI to ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Codeplay’s solutions are ready to meet these demands using ISO 26262, SOTIF, Adaptive AUTOSAR® and beyond.

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Codeplay's Solution for Automotive Processors

Codeplay develops silicon enablement solutions for accelerator processors used in automotive systems, delivering both performance and safety for ADAS developers.

ComputeSuite™ provides an integrated standards-based software environment for all of the processing cores on a System-on-Chip (SoC), so that processor vendors can quickly deliver open standards compliant platforms. ComputeAorta™ enables a low-level runtime that can deliver OpenCL™ support. ComputeCpp™ provides a high-level C++ development environment, which is based on the Khronos® SYCL™ open standard. This standards-based environment allows software developers to use familiar frameworks, ensuring that their software runs anywhere and exploits the full performance of the underlying system.

Codeplay's Solution for Renesas™
R-Car developers

ComputeSuite for R-Car™ enables developers to accelerate applications on R-Car hardware using OpenCL and SYCL.

Software development for automotive applications is increasing in scale and complexity. ADAS developers need to be able to rapidly prototype and build applications for automotive systems using the latest technologies and software frameworks. ComputeSuite for Renesas R-Car hardware enables developers to write applications using the Khronos open standards OpenCL and SYCL.

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Codeplay is Helping to Define Safety Standards for Accelerator Processors in Automotive



Chair - Concurrency, Parallel and Hetrogeneous

Contributor - C++ Panel

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Chair - Safety Critical Advisory Forum

Chair - SYCL

Working Group - OpenCL, Vulkan, Vulkan Safety Critical

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Contributor - Autosar Safety and EMO (multithreaded systems)

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