A Case Study on SYCL™ Productivity With a Realtime 3D Fluid Simulation Miniapp

15 September 2021

SYCL Summer Sessions 2021

Tom Lin, University of Bristol

Developer productivity is one of the core factor influencing the success of a software project. SYCL represents a huge improvement on the productivity front over traditional platforms such as OpenCL: with improved type safety and simplified kernel-host API.

In this talk, I'll present an interactive realtime 3D fluid simulation miniapp implemented using the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method with surface reconstruction via Marching Cubes (MC) and Metaballs. The simulation covers both traditional HPC workloads (SPH) with a focus on realtime visualisation (MC).

The miniapp is first implemented using OpenCL 1.2, where I progressively present the changes needed to port the miniapp to SYCL. I'll compare performance results on different SYCL implementations and provide a summary on productivity improvements with the reduced SLOC (lines of code) needed for SYCL.

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Rod Burns

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