Codeplay Software Appoints Jim Nicholas as Chairman

16 October 2019

Codeplay is delighted to welcome Jim Nicholas as Chairman who brings his extensive experience in many associated hi-tech solutions to the team. He will be joining a world pioneering team in Edinburgh for artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration technologies and will support the evolution of Codeplay in enabling AI to be open, safe and accessible to all.

Jim has over 25 years of international leadership experience in high tech business, holding a variety of executive positions. Currently he is CEO of Uniphy, and in the past has been CEO of MIPS, EVP at Imagination Technologies and had VP responsibilities at ARM, ST-Ericsson, and Frontier Smart Technologies, as well as the GM of STMicroelectronics's Microcontroller Division. Jim has hands-on experience in many markets including consumer, automotive, industrial and medical, contributing to billions of products shipped and billions of dollars in revenue.

“We are delighted to bring Jim and his wealth of relevant experience into Codeplay” said Andrew Richards, Codeplay’s Founder and CEO. “Jim is joining us at an important time as our technology and customer traction grows, having a big impact on the AI industry, opening up huge opportunities for us and our customers.”

Jim Nicholas says “I have known and admired Codeplay’s contributions to the industries that we’ve served for a long while. I am honored to be given the opportunity to support Codeplay in achieving its ambitions. Codeplay has the technologies, great people and vision to ensure that its value and impact will become more profound and widespread.”

Chris Wardle, Foresight Director, said “It’s great to have Jim join the board at such a crucial time in Codeplay’s life, where the business is doubling year on year, with excellent traction in the HPC, Data Center and Automotive markets. Jim’s technical and commercial experience in international markets will help Codeplay to achieve its strategic goals even faster.”

Codeplay Software is a world pioneer in acceleration technologies for AI, having developed some of the first tools to enable complex software, such as AI, to be accelerated using graphics processors. Today, most AI software, including that used in cars, is developed using graphics processors designed for video games. Codeplay is the world’s leading company providing open standards-based tools that enable software to be accelerated by graphics processors or the latest specialized AI processors. Codeplay works with the world's leading technology businesses to build advanced intelligence into devices ranging from smartphones to self-driving cars.

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