20 December 2016

Innovation is at the core of our company and is at the heart of all we do. In order for us to continue to be at the cutting edge and continue to grow and prosper we need to develop our products and services. Key to this is successful innovative thinking focused on international markets. Fortunately for us, and companies like us in Scotland, Scottish Enterprise offer practical guidance to help achieve those goals.

The SMART: SCOTLAND programme provides grants to Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in Scotland. This helps us to undertake technical feasibility studies and R&D projects that have a commercial endpoint. We benefited recently from a SMART: SCOTLAND grant to help us develop one of our products, ComputeAorta™.

ComputeAorta is an easy-to-use modular toolkit, providing an extremely portable end product targeting a huge range of hardware, and is designed to enable processor vendors to deliver OpenCL™ support for their hardware designs. This multi-target, multi-platform toolkit enables rapid delivery of the OpenCL, SPIR™ and Vulkan compute standards as well as other current and next-gen open standards.

Thanks to the support and financial help from SMART: SCOTLAND, we have been able to increase our internal resources to respond rapidly to the identified market for this product, and consequently commercialise it. The opportunity to work with SMART: SCOTLAND has allowed us to continue to produce exciting and innovative technology and share the risk. Our R&D activity creates and sustains permanent jobs: today's R&D becomes tomorrow's commercialisation, funding job creation and security. You can find out more by contacting SMART: SCOTLAND at Scottish Enterprise.

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