Codeplay wins Frost & Sullivan 2016 Award for Automotive Software

16 December 2016

Codeplay is proud to receive the Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan for 2016 European Autonomous Driving Software Customer Value Leadership.

The retargeting of Codeplay’s ComputeAorta™ from consumer markets towards the safety-critical automotive sector brings OpenCL™, the open standard for programming specialized processors, into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Vision processing for cars is evolving quickly, allowing video streams from as many as 15 cameras to be processed simultaneously, in real time. Modern vehicles use intelligent vision to assist the driver, protect from collisions and eventually remove the need for a driver i.e. an autonomous car. Implementing such algorithms with OpenCL reduces time to market, via well-established software programming methods that ease implementation demands on highly complex heterogeneous processing systems.

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Melissa Richardson

HR Officer