The Future of ComputeCpp

07 July 2023

From September 1st 2023, we will no longer be providing support for ComputeCpp and, instead, upstreaming its key features into the open source and LLVM based DPC++ project. We have developed ComputeCpp for over ten years, and it was the first SYCL 1.2.1 compliant implementation. Now, the time is right for us to shift our focus and resources to make significant contributions to open source projects, including DPC++. 

 We believe that the future of AI and HPC is open, and standards based. DPC++ is closely aligned with this vision for the future. With our recently open sourced oneAPI Construction Kit, DPC++ can now be extended to custom and RISC-V accelerators – alongside existing Intel, Nvidia and AMD GPUs. By focusing our resources on these projects, we can more effectively build an open ecosystem for accelerated computing. 

We have already started to upstream key features of ComputeCpp into DPC++, and this work will continue over the coming months. DPC++ users can continue to benefit from these features and optimizations available in the ComputeCpp compiler and runtime codebases. Already, some of the internal experimental features in ComputeCpp are being merged in the DPC++ repository, such as SYCL-Graphs, SYCL Fusion, and the Native CPU adaptor.  

Together with the open source release of the oneAPI Construction Kit, Codeplay is committed to helping the community build the largest ecosystem for accelerator computing, and to make it open and free for everyone. For that we need developers and users to contribute, fork and give us feedback on the repositories or via the usual channels. 


Download the DPC++ Compiler 

Get involved with the DPC++ Source Code 

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