The Next Generation of Software for Multicore Processing

07 February 2023

Andrew Richards, CEO of Codeplay® Software, will present on 14th February at the Multicore World conference in Wellington, New Zealand, romantically describing his journey from the earliest software challenges in the 90’s to the next generation of complex heterogeneous computers with the latest high-performance accelerators.

Andrew sets out the challenges highlighting software advantages and disadvantages through this career, but clearly concludes that an open standards based ecosystem with industry-wide definition and adoption is by far the best solution for the next generation of systems. Open source is also critical to ensure widespread development and extensive adoption into products.

oneAPI is an open source ecosystem that implements the Khronos open standard SYCL™ and includes libraries for enabling AI and HPC applications with platform independence. oneAPI is already extensively embraced by many companies including numerous US National Labs supercomputers, and as momentum gathers other companies and industries are following suit.

Join the Multicore World event or ensure you link with Nicolás Erdödy for conference details.

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