Podcast: Sparking Innovation through Standards

14 May 2020

Codeplay CEO Andrew Richards joined the Code Together podcast for a show entitled "Sparking Innovation through Standards" and was joined by Geoff Lowney from Intel.

Andrew talked about his journey from writing computer games, to writing tools for computer games programmers, through to creating frameworks using open standards that are being used by AI and HPC developers around the world.

Here are some key tidbits from the podcast but you should of course listen to the whole thing.

"The only way you can get a software developers and hardware companies working together, the only way we can create a vision where we say, actually you can write C++ and make it run very fast on lots of different platforms is by having standards."

"We wanted to bring data parallelism, meaning we'd be able to do millions of computations at the same time and to be able to specify that easily. And the only established solution was SYCL."

Listen to or download the podcast.

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