Codeplay at CppCon 2019: 6 Talks, 2 Classes and More

05 August 2019


CppCon is the annual, week-long face-to-face gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference is organized by the C++ community for the community. It's a whole week of inspirational talks and classes giving C++ developers a unique opportunity to meet members of the C++ community from across the world and get involved in some great discussions and "deep dive" on the language. You'll find Codeplay staff at CppCon each year and as a community led and organized conference it is a great place to learn from over 150 talks, meet and discuss all things C++. If you would like to arrange to meet with one of our team at CppCon, please use our contact form or Tweet us at @codeplaysoft.

Over the years our team have done many presentations at CppCon, and this year we might have our largest involvement yet. We will be participating in 5 separate conference presentations, standards group meetings and two weekend classes; these are listed below.

CppCon 2019 Codeplay Presentations

Writing Safety Critical Automotive C++ Software for High Performance AI Hardware, 16 September 2:00pm, Gordon Brown, Michael Wong 

It is about time we talk about what it takes to create safe software, especially for automotive. This talk is about the practical engineering challenges of turning deep learning, classical machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms from research prototypes into real-world automotive-grade systems.   

What a View! Building Your Own (Lazy) Range Adaptors (part 1 of 2), 16 September, 2:00pm, Christopher Di Bella

Using custom range adaptors can help you express your intentions in a much clearer manner. We'll spend some time implementing a range adaptor that isn't in the pipeline for C++20, starting from a motivating use-case, then move to how we implement the range adaptor -- including design considerations -- and finally, we'll write up a few tests to wrap everything up.

What a View! Building Your Own (Lazy) Range Adaptors (part 2 of 2), 16 September, 3:15pm, Christopher Di Bella

The second part of Christopher's presentation on using range adaptors.   

Will Your Code Survive the Attack of the Zombie Pointers?, 17 September, 9:00am, Michael Wong and others

This presentation gives an overview of several of these algorithms and discusses a range of possible ways of rehabilitating zombie pointers.   

Efficient GPU Programming with Modern C++, 17 September, 3:15pm, Gordon Brown, Michael Wong

It will present the GPU architecture and the GPU programming model; covering the execution and memory model. It will describe parallel programming patterns and common parallel algorithms and how they map to the GPU programming model. Finally, through this lens, it will look at how to construct the control-flow of your programs and how to structure and move your data to achieve efficient utilisation of GPU architectures.

ADL: a thorough introduction in name taxonomy, customisation points and use cases in the context of templates, 18 September, 2:00pm, Kostas Kyrimis

This talk introduces argument dependent lookup(ADL); name taxonomy; and customisation points in order to demonstrate and understand the peculiarities and the process of looking up names with ADL.

C++ Weekend Classes

For the second year in a row we are running two weekend classes at CppCon. These are two day courses designed to give attendees a deep dive into specific C++ topics.

Parallel Programming with Modern C++: From CPU to GPU with Gordon Brown and Michael Wong 

Generic Programming 2.0 with Concepts and Ranges with Christopher Di Bella (Staff Software Engineer at Codeplay)

This is the second year running that we have organised weekend training workshops at CppCon, and you don't need to attend CppCon to sign up for these classes as they are separate from the main conference ticket. You can book your place through CppCon here.

We are especially pleased to be able to offer academic discounts for our "Parallelism in Modern C++: From CPU to GPU" course. If you would like to apply for one of these limited spaces contact the CppCon Registrar at

Standards Meetings

ISO SG14 Working Meeting, 18 September

Throughout the day Michael Wong and Herb Sutter will be hosting the Game Development and Low Latency ISO study group.

If you'd like to take a look at some of the talks we have done in the past at CppCon you can view some of them on YouTube:

And what are our team looking forward to at CppCon?

Gordon Brown, Senior Software Engineer, SYCL & C++

"I'm looking forward to CppCon this year to catch up with people in the C++ community and attend the great line up of talks that are on offer. I'm interested to see talks on some of the major flagship features coming in C++20 and discussing ongoing work on executors, affinity and support for heterogeneous computing in C++."
Michael Wong, VP of Research & Development, SYCL Working Group Chair and Delegation to the ISO C++ Standard

"I'm excited to be able to talk about C++20 at CppCon this year. I think we have pulled together a great set of features for it and this is the perfect place to show, in public, what C++ developers will see in the next version of the standard."
Christopher Di Bella, Staff Software Engineer, ComputeCpp Runtime

"There hasn't been a CppCon I have been to where I haven't learned something that I can apply right now and it's a great place to network with other C++ engineers."
Kostas Kyrimis, Software Engineer

"I am super excited for CppCon. With C++20 almost baked and ready I am expecting some really good talks on the latest features of the language. I can't wait to meet the committee and the people at the conference -- These people make it the biggest C++ event of the year -- It's gonna be epic epic epic. See you there ;)"

So if you are heading to CppCon, look out for the team wearing their Codeplay hoodies and make sure to say hello when you see them.

Want the opportunity to attend and present at worldwide conferences like CppCon? Take a look at our careers page and join our team of C++ experts and practitioners.

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