Codeplay Software Releases ComputeCpp Professional Edition To Support SYCL Developers

27 March 2019

Codeplay Software is pleased to announce the availability of this fully supported edition of their popular SYCL implementation providing advanced features and premium technical support to developers seeking to bring advanced vision and AI products to the market.

The first releases will support Intel GPUs and Renesas R-Car products, with other platforms becoming available soon.

SYCL is the industry-standard C++ programming model for Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing, providing easy porting from proprietary C++ GPU programming models as well as support of a growing ecosystem of AI and HPC software such as TensorFlow and Eigen. SYCL is being widely adopted by software developers as the preferred programming standard for developing machine learning applications that can be executed across a wide range of hardware. Advanced Features

ComputeCpp Professional Edition offers developers access to more advanced features to deliver even greater performance.

Offline compilation enables compute kernels to be compiled ahead of time delivering the following benefits:

  • Compile SYCL kernels offline (on your development PC) and avoid this overhead on your target device
  • Flexibility to optimize your code for specific processors and deploy pre-compiled kernels on your target device

Advanced profiling framework with execution trace data and logs

Premium Support

Premium Support gives you access to a dedicated team of SYCL and ComputeCpp experts via a helpdesk. An engineer will be assigned to support you and provide rapid responses covering all aspects of SYCL and OpenCL development, and usage of ComputeCpp and ComputeSuite for R-Car.


Visit for more information or contact Codeplay Software directly.

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