Codeplay are attending the European R-Car Consortium Forum, Dusseldorf

06 March 2019

Codeplay Software will be presenting a demo of ComputeSuite for R-Car at this year’s R-Car Consortium Forum in Dusseldorf on the 14th March, 2019. ComputeSuite enables ADAS developers to use OpenCL and SYCL on R-Car hardware.

Charles Macfarlane, VP of Marketing and Rod Burns, Developer Relations Manager would be delighted to discuss how to enable and accelerate your AI and vision processing on Renesas’ R-Car ADAS hardware.

The R-Car Consortium brings together system integrators, middleware/application developers, and operating system and tools vendors who are developing solutions for the Connected Car & ADAS market. With highly reliable and technically advanced SoCs from Renesas, and end-to-end development support, customers can get optimal solutions for their requirements. Members of the Consortium receive evaluation boards and software to help co-develop advanced Connected Car & ADAS solutions.

If you are attending come and visit us at our stand and talk to us about how we can accelerate your ADAS development.

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For more information on the the R-Car Consortium, click on Renesas R-Car Consortium

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Charles Macfarlane