Scotland’s Contribution to the Automotive Revolution with Jesse Norman MP

15 November 2018

The Minister of State for the Department for Transport will meet leading technology companies to discuss automotive technology developments, strategy and successes from Scottish companies

Codeplay Software is hosting some of Scotland’s leading automotive technology companies to discuss their contribution towards the fast moving automotive revolution. Topics being discussed range from driver assist solutions to autonomous vehicles, and data aggregation to deployment in smart cities and on roads. All the participating companies have demonstrated leadership in their domain and are keen to review their vision with Jesse Norman.

Codeplay Software has a global reputation for connecting artificial intelligence (AI) to processors, and is now enabling automotive solutions to support the intelligent analysis of a vehicle’s surroundings and then manoeuvre accordingly. Codeplay has created substantial momentum in bringing open standards based software to intelligent automotive solutions, and is rapidly being recognised as the best software implementation for enabling advanced driver systems.

AESIN is a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems (ES) into vehicles and infrastructure. The aim at AESIN is to be a network for everyone in the supply chain who want to progress the Automotive Electronics Industry in the UK. A "go to" place to discuss concerns, problems, but also great ideas. AESIN helps to facilitate world-beating innovation by enabling collaboration, sharing of expert knowledge and best practice in a non-competitive and effective environment. AESIN is operated by TechWorks: the UK's leading Deep Tech industry association with established communities in Manufacturing, Automotive, IoT Security & Power Electronics.

FiveAI is using the power of autonomy to transform Europe’s cities, for everyone. FiveAI brings together the best minds in AI, engineering and mobility to create a fully autonomous, shared transport service for Europe, starting in London. FiveAI will be trialing a service with London commuters by Q1 2020 and follow with a commercial service by mid 2022.

Machines with Vision are developing an on-vehicle vision-based system to identify the position of vehicles with very high accuracy. The company is collaborating with JaguarLandRover (JLR) and Durham University on autonomous vehicle testing and development, funded by CCAV. Deutsche Bahn and Network Rail are also evaluating the technology for accurate train positioning.

Traak is a data science company providing real-time predictive analytics solutions for the Smart Mobility market. Traak is at the heart of several key data driven industry initiatives including: transport data commercialisation via the oneTRANSPORT platform and the Transport Data Initiative (TDI); Next Generation Connected Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS); CAV with support for the Meridian Mobility data hub; and, Mobility as a Service – Traak is a MaaS Scotland Steering Board Member.

Bitwise is at the forefront of software Research and Development for the next generation of "Software Defined Vehicles", thereby contributing to getting increased vehicle autonomy onto our roads. Bitwise draws heavily on 30 years' experience of successfully delivering software to high levels of reliability, safety and security across the medical, defence, transportation and fintech markets.

NCTech is a leader in 360º big data acquisition around the globe for the worlds largest companies. NCTech’s cutting edge hardware and cloud solutions were developed in collaboration with Intel, Google and Sony to provide affordable, scalable, big data capture and AI analysis through their open platform VR.World to better understand the world around us, enabling smarter search engines, smarter cities and improve autonomous vehicle intelligence and awareness.

Also attending and contributing to the discussions are NXP Semiconductors and Jacobs .

The round table meeting is on Thurs 15th November in the Codeplay offices in Argyle House in Edinburgh, the former government building which now hosts many SME technology companies.

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