Codeplay Hosting AESIN's ADAS & AV Controls Meeting

17 January 2018

The automotive industry is rapidly moving towards increased levels of automation, and in order to make this possible, Codeplay are working to bring open standard based frameworks to automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). By engaging with a range of groups our team can provide valuable input to the industry, and also learn from the industry as a whole. One of the groups that Codeplay is engaging with is the Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN).

As part of TechWorks, AESIN is a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems into vehicles and infrastructure operated by the UK Trade Association. It is a network for everyone in the automotive supply chain to progress the Automotive Electronics Industry in the UK to discuss and importantly to facilitate world-beating innovation by enabling collaboration, sharing of expert knowledge and best practice in a non-competitive and effective environment.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Purchasing Risk Manager Michael Mychajluk is quoted on AESIN’s website as saying “the car of tomorrow will make increasing use of sophisticated, highly integrated electronic systems for safety, comfort and performance. There are many exciting areas of development enabled by electronic systems but this introduces a significant complexity issue which can only be addressed by a supply chain that works more effectively together. This presents us all with a once in a generation opportunity to streamline the process and accelerate innovation from R&D to on-the-road production vehicles.”

Codeplay participates in AESIN's ADAS & AV Control group

During January Codeplay hosts the AESIN Control sub-group meeting for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) hosted by Charles Macfarlane, Codeplay's VP of Marketing, in the company's office next to Edinburgh Castle.

The AESIN Control sub-group meeting brings together industry leaders providing expertise in ADAS and AV vision processing intelligence and will help to align on the industry's strategy towards autonomous vehicles.

Codeplay, experts in high-performance compilers and software optimization for multi-core processing, is gaining a reputation for bringing its development frameworks to the automotive industry benefiting intelligent ADAS solutions. This reputation is greatly enhanced by Codeplay's recent partnership with Renesas and participation in various AESIN activities, including a presentation at AESIN's ADAS & AV seminar at Warwick University in front of a large audience. During the seminar in December, Codeplay's Safety-Critical Software Development Lead Illya Rudkin presented on "Open Standards for ADAS Vision and Machine Learning." This presentation outlined how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can be developed to meet the levels of automation set out by SAE, and how open standards will help to achieve this faster.

Codeplay presents on Open Standards for ADAS at AESIN's December seminar

The members of AESIN come from a broad set of disciplines across the Automotive Electronics supply chain that includes OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 component makers, and system software developers. Unsurprisingly there are numerous areas for development in vehicles and the infrastructure systems to support them, so AESIN have five working groups. Codeplay joined the ADAS and AV Control group to facilitate and promote the advantages of using Khronos open standards in complex software stacks such as those used to implement vision analysis and machine learning. This particular "Control" group has around 60 members spread across other sub-control groups.

OEMs and Tier 1 automotive companies are beginning to realize that there are opportunities and solutions outside their existing domain and Codeplay is being recognized for the expertise and solutions we can provide by participating within AESIN. If you would like to participate alongside Codeplay with AESIN you can find out the events they host and how to get involved on the AESIN website.

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