Codeplay Leads Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Panel (SCAP)

24 November 2017

Codeplay has set out its intention to lead the development of guidelines to ensure that standards like OpenCL and SYCL meet the strict safety requirements for a range of industries by leading the Khronos SCAP.

Illya Rudkin, Principal Software Engineer at Codeplay, is now leading the Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Panel and continues the work done by Erik Noreke to establish the panel. Erik is a long time member of Khronos and well respected for his leadership in numerous working groups. The Safety Critical Advisory Panel (SCAP) was formed in July 2016 as part of the The Khronos Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies dedicated to the creation of royalty-free open standards. SCAP was formed in recognition of the increasing demand for open standards in graphics, artificial intelligence, data processing and computer vision that can be used in Safety Critical (SC) systems such as automotive.

On his appointment Illya said "My role is to continue the work by Erik and grow the participation of both Khronos members and external safety experts within the group. I also hope to enable the group to bring current and new open standards into the safety domain. The demand for safety critical software is growing and we have to ensure adopters of our standards can implement complex systems, often involving multiple layers, as efficiently possible with minimal concerns to safety cases."

The Safety Critical Advisory Panel is aiming to bring open standards for machine vision, as well as graphics, to safety critical applications like ADAS. Many of the Khronos members, including Codeplay, are being asked by their customers to implement solutions using open standards for safety critical systems in multiple domains. Codeplay is a long term supporter of open standards and provides its own implementations of the OpenCL and SYCL standard APIs, with plans to provide safety critical versions of these in the future.

Khronos also recognizes that there are safety critical domain experts who are not Khronos members, but have the working knowledge of applying safety development standards with software development in the real world. For this reason non-Khronos members can join the Safety Critical Advisory Panel, allowing external experts from multiple domains to contribute to, and review the guidelines and principles.

The Khronos press release from the formation of the Safety Critical Advisory Panel gives more details on what the group is addressing.

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