Learning and Teaching at CppCon'17

09 November 2017

Three of the team at Codeplay traveled to Seattle for CppCon2017 in September to give some talks and meet lots of people from the C++ community at the conference.

Gordon Brown, Senior Software Engineer for ComputeCpp at Codeplay, was there and wanted to share why he thinks this conference is one of the best for C++ developers to attend by writing a blog post. He also gives his tips on how to make the most out of attending the conference.

With over 1200 attendees CppCon is the largest C++ conference in the world and covers a wide range of topics, with Gordon highlighting the theme set by Bjarne Stroustrup who said that, as developers, we are all students but we are also all teachers. This is something that has helped make C++ such a popular language offering vast resources for learning.

Gordon talks about some of the best talks he saw at the conference, with some of those talks covering how to use language features like constexpr and and talks that help attendees learn what is "under the hood" of things like C++ compilers.

Take a look at Gordon's CppCon17 blog post to find out more about the main themes of CppCon including links to videos of some of the key sessions.

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