LPGPU2 Project Update

26 September 2017

Codeplay has been working in the LPGPU2 consortium for the past 2 years. This project is focused on low powered graphics devices and is funded by the EU. Alongside Codeplay the project involves Samsung, TU Berlin, Think Silicon and Spin Digital. These groups collaborate to develop tools and applications for mobile GPUs.

During September, members of the LPGPU2 consortium came together in Berlin for a "hackathon" to share knowledge across the group and also to prototype new ideas to move forward in the project.

CodeXL is a profiling tool-suite developed by AMD, and this is being adapted by the project to support open standards and extended power profiling. One of the notable developments during the hackathon was in developing CodeXL with support for remote device communications on an Android device. The team worked on wireframing and prototyping this during the hackathon.

To find out what happened during the hackathon, take a look at the video.

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