Announcing ComputeCpp CE for Windows (beta)

26 September 2017

It's been one of the most requested features we have received from developers, and we are really excited to announce that ComputeCpp Community Edition is now available on Windows!

This means it is now possible to develop SYCL applications using Windows and Visual Studio and you can download it from our developer website.

Our Windows release is in beta and since we are aiming to provide the best user experience possible please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback, you can contact us here.

The Windows release of ComputeCpp CE currently supports Windows 7 or 10 and can be used with Visual Studio 2015. Similar to our Linux version, the hardware you want to use with ComputeCpp you is required to have SPIR OpenCL drivers in order to be supported.

You can find out the prerequisites and how to get started using our new Windows release by reading the Windows for ComputeCpp page on our developer website.

If you would like to learn how to develop using SYCL there is a guide on our developer website that introduces the concepts and if you are looking for practical examples you can browse our sample code on GitHub.

Tell us what you think of the new Windows release by getting in touch here.

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