Codeplay will be giving a talk at the British Computer Society - Aberdeen Branch

09 March 2017

Codeplay are pleased to announce that on Thursday 9th March, 18.30pm, Duncan McBain, Staff Software Engineer, ComputeCpp will be giving a talk at the BSC Aberdeen Branch - New Riverside Building, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Duncan will be delivering a talk on: 

'Delivering Heterogeneous Computing in C++' - Gordon Moore famously predicted that the number of transistors on a circuit would double every two years, later popularised as processor performance doubling every 18 months by an Intel executive. This “law” held for a long time, but in the last decade clock frequencies have remained essentially constant. However, the demand for high-performance, low-power computing power has never been higher, so how can we continue to deliver performant applications for consumers?

At Codeplay, we believe that the answer lies in custom accelerator hardware (such as GPUs), and we are developing tools to help developers unlock the performance that heterogeneous computing can bring. I will talk about what heterogeneous computing is, why it's important, which options developers have today for accessing this hardware and finally what the future might bring. The talk will primarily be aimed at our work with C++, but the ideas are transferable and could be accessed from, say, a library.

More on the BSC can be found here: BSC - Aberdeen

We are always delighted to speak with anyone attending the event who is interested in what we are doing, so if you are attending, please come and say “hello”. If you are interested and would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please use our contact form or follow us on @codeplaysoft and make contact!

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