Review of 2016: Another Fantastic Year for Compute Solutions

22 December 2016

The use of open standards is benefiting more market segments and roadmaps. In particular, OpenCL™ is being demanded by end users and application developers for cross-platform heterogeneous processor programming. However, the 3 biggest gains this year have been:

1) OpenCL into automotive,

2) enabling machine learning via the SYCL™ open standard (also benefiting from OpenCL), and

3) the newly released Vulkan®, The Khronos™ Group’s open standard high-performance graphics and compute API.

While Codeplay is already deeply involved in the definition of open standards, this year we included many key positions within C++ standards and OpenCL safety-critical definition. This leadership ensures that Codeplay is respected for knowledge and ability with the new versions of standards.

The release of ComputeCpp™ Community Edition was extremely popular for people transitioning to development with SYCL, a single-source C++ heterogeneous programming solution. This product continues to grow, supporting more hardware platforms and extending the integration of Google’s TensorFlow™ machine learning.

Processor technologies continue to evolve, optimizing for the latest use cases, which mostly include vision processing and machine learning for artificial intelligence devices. Semiconductor companies seek standard programming models for their complex heterogeneous processor products, which benefit from ComputeAorta™ for OpenCL and Vulkan. Codeplay normally gets involved during the early stages of processor design, working with simulators and drafts of the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

So what will 2017 bring? In a few words: automotive, machine learning, Vulkan and specialized processors. Codeplay is perfectly positioned to implement all of these onto the new generations of devices, ensuring future-proof solutions for the new market segments.

We welcome introductory discussions at conferences and on arranged phone calls, from application developers, processor developers, semiconductor companies and end manufacturers.

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