Codeplay will be attending Meeting C++

18 November 2016

Codeplay will be attending Meeting C++, which is being held from the 18th - 19th November, 2016 at the Andels Hotel, Berlin. Attending from Codeplay will be Michael Wong, VP Research and Development, Andrzej Warzynski, Staff Software Engineer, Debuggers & Gordon Brown, Staff Software Engineer, SYCL.

 'Meeting C++ is an independent C++ Conference, and a world wide network for C++. Meeting C++ focuses on C++ and its frameworks like boost, Qt and others.

Meeting C++ supports local C++ User Groups through its website, a monthly overview of upcoming meetings, and will also support in the founding of new C++ User Groups world wide! ' 

More information on the conference can be found here: Meeting C++

Gordon will be giving a presentation on 19th November at 09.00am: SYCL™ building blocks for C++ Libraries. The presentation will highlight some of the following: 'As performance and power-efficiency become the holy grail of modern C++ applications, the hardware solutions that deliver them differ greatly in architecture decisions and designs. The combination of CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and custom domain specific hardware is gaining a lot of momentum. In view of this, C++ programming techniques and features are changing as well. Modern C++ standards are enabling more and more parallelism and heterogeneity in the library and language features. SYCL is the royalty-free open-standard that brings together modern C++ programming techniques and performance on heterogeneous and massively parallel OpenCL platforms. This talk will cover the key features of SYCL 1.2, 2.2 and SYCL ParallelSTL that enable C++ libraries to be extended using standard C++ language features and libraries. SYCL is a system that provides the building blocks for building such C++ libraries, where the gap between the hardware agnostic C++ features and the C++ abstractions of the hardware features can be bridged.'

Michael will be giving a presentation on 19th November, 11.40am.: Lock-free Concurrent Toolkit for Hazard Pointers and Read-Copy-Update, 'This talk introduces the concept of a Concurrency Toolkit that contains the proposed lock-free algorithms on Hazard Pointers and Read-Copy_Update and analyzes their motivation, while showing where they can be useful and their performance differences. Under optimistic concurrency, threads may use shared resources concurrently with other threads that may make such resources unavailable for further use. Care must be taken to reclaim such resources only after it is guaranteed that no threads are concurrently using them or will subsequently use them. More specifically, concurrent dynamic data structures that employ optimistic concurrency allow threads to access dynamic objects concurrently with threads that may remove such objects. Without proper precautions, it is generally unsafe to reclaim the removed objects, as they may yet be accessed by threads that hold references to them. Solutions for the safe reclamation problem can also be used to prevent the ABA problem, a common problem under optimistic concurrency. There are several methods for safe deferred reclamation. The main methods are garbage collection, reference counting, RCU (read-copy-update), and hazard pointers. Each method has its pros and cons and none of the methods provides the best features in all cases. Therefore, it is desirable to offer users the opportunity to choose the most suitable methods for their use cases. This talk will show why we are considering their inclusion (with the exception of garbage collection) in future C++ Standards under SG14/SG1 into the Concurrency TS'.

Codeplay is also proud to announce the launch of their ComputeCpp™ Community Edition Beta, enabling Early Access to the SYCL Open Standard for C++ Acceleration

We’re always delighted to speak with anyone interested in what we’re doing, so if you're you're attending, please come and say “hello”. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please use our contact form or follow us on @codeplaysoft and make contact!

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