Codeplay are attending SuperComputing 2016

09 November 2016

Codeplay will be attending  SuperComputing 2016 (SC16) which will be happening on the 13th - 18th November at the Salt Palace Convention Centre, Salt Lake City. Attending from Codeplay will be our CEO, Andrew Richards, VP Research and Development, Michael Wong, Ruyman Reyes, Senior Software Engineer, Programming Models & Peter Zuzek, Software Engineer.  

'SC16 will bring together the international supercomputing community—a gathering of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers that is unequaled in the world. The draw of SC is exceptional. The internationally recognized technical program will include presentations, papers, informative tutorials, timely research posters and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions. A 515,000 sq.ft. exhibition hall will feature the latest technologies and accomplishments from the world’s leading vendors, research organizations and universities. SC16 will be the very first opportunity to learn about many of the technologies that will shape the future of large-scale technical computing and data-driven science'.

More on the conference can be found here: SuperComputing 2016

Panels at SC16 will be, as in past years, among the most important and heavily attended events of the Conference. They bring together the key thinkers and producers in the field to consider in a lively and rapid-fire context some of the key questions challenging high performance computing, networking, storage and associated analysis technologies for the foreseeable future. Panels bring a rare opportunity for mutual engagement of community leaders and broad mainstream contributors in a face-to-face exchange through audience participation and questioning. Surprises are the norm at panels, which make for exciting and lively hour-and-a-half sessions. Panels can explore topics in depth by capturing the opinions of a wide range of people active in the relevant fields. Panels represent state of the art opinions, and can be augmented with social media technologies including Twitter, LinkedIn, and video feeds, and even real-time audience polling. 

Both Andrew and Michael will on the panel, on Wednesday 16th November, 10.30am - 12.00pm discussing: Bringing About HPC Open-Standards World Peace Information :

'HPC developers are bombarded with a plethora of programming models: open standards or proprietary; closed-source or open-source. Open standards enable greater code portability, however, proprietary models can be highly optimized for a specific processor core. Mixing these models can lead to incompatibility, but sometimes one standard can be built on top of another. This complexity can be a balancing act for developers, so they must clearly understand the trade-offs. How can HPC developers navigate these standards, and how can we bring about world open-standards peace? This panel brings together members of standards bodies for OpenCL, SYCL, OpenMP, ISO C++ and Fortran, HSA, MPI, OpenACC, SPIR-V, and Vulkan. Topics include benefits and comparisons of various standards, potential alignment between them, portability, ecosystem considerations, and more. In addition, audience members will be encouraged to give feedback to panelists on how to develop standards to be more useful for future HPC software developers'.

Codeplay is also proud to announce the launch of their ComputeCpp Community Edition Beta, enabling Early Access to the SYCL Open Standard for C++ Acceleration

We’re always delighted to speak with anyone interested in what we’re doing, so if you're you're attending, please come and say “hello”. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please use our contact form or follow us on @codeplaysoft and make contact!

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