Codeplay is Attending the LLVM Developers' Meeting

01 November 2016

Codeplay will be attending the LLVM Developers' Meeting which is happening from the 3rd-4th November 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center - San Jose, CA, USA.

'The LLVM Foundation announces the tenth annual US LLVM Developers' Meeting will be held November 3rd and 4th in San Jose, California.

The conference will include technical talks, BoFs, hacker's lab, tutorials, and posters.

The meeting serves as a forum for LLVM, Clang, LLDB and other LLVM project developers and users to get acquainted, learn how LLVM is used, and exchange ideas about LLVM and its (potential) applications. More broadly, we believe the event will be of particular interest to the following people:

  • Active developers of projects in the LLVM Umbrella (LLVM core, Clang, LLDB, libc++, compiler_rt, klee, dragonegg, lld, etc).
  • Anyone interested in using these as part of another project.
  • Compiler, programming language, and runtime enthusiasts.
  • Those interested in using compiler and toolchain technology in novel and interesting ways

More information on the conference can be found here: LLVM Developers Meeting 2016'

Codeplay is also proud to announce the launch of their ComputeCpp Community Edition Beta, enabling Early Access to the SYCL Open Standard for C++ Acceleration

Attending from Codeplay will be Victor Lomuller, Staff Software Engineer, Compilers; Meenakshi Ravindran, Staff Software Engineer, Compilers; and Deepak Panickal, Senior Software Engineer.

We’re always delighted to speak with anyone interested in what we’re doing, so please come and say “hello”. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please use our contact form or follow us on @codeplaysoft and make contact!

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