Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference Russia 2016

26 October 2016

Codeplay will be attending CEE SECR 2016 which is taking place from 28-29 (30) October, Moscow, Russia. Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR) is one of the brightest annual IT events in Russia. Over the years CEE-SECR has become one of the largest platforms for sharing experience, obtaining knowledge and networking. One of the important conference features is the scope of CEE-SECR . The software development process is considered in all its aspects: technologies, management, education, HR, business.

 Attending from Codeplay will be Michael Wong, VP of Research & Development and Duncan McBain, Staff Software Engineer Developer Relations. Michael will be doing a keynote speech on Saturday 29th October, 11.50am on 'Massive Parallel Dispatch for Heterogeneous Computing in C++ for Self-Driving Cars'Michael and Duncan will also be carrying out a Master-class on Sunday 30th October 10.00am, 'Heterogeneous Programming using ComputeCPP, C++17 Parallel STL and C++ Concurrency'This class with highlight some of the following: 

  • start with a basic Hello World-style program that shows how to submit queues in a single task and stream-like object, comparing CPU, SYCL™ and OpenCL™ version
  • demonstrate how to access data across host and GPUs using buffers and accessors, the importance of life-time, and basic parallel constructs
  • use advanced techniques such as aussian blur to handle images, that can lead to computer vision useful for pedestrian detection
  • demonstrate C++17 parallel algorithms using SYCL’s parallelSTL implementation that can dispatch to not just CPU, but heterogeneous devices

Along with the hands-on workshop, Michael and Duncan will also deliver lectures that describe SYCL and OpenCL as well as C++ Parallelism and Concurrency Technical Specifications, including C++17’s Parallel STL, C++11 async, futures, atomics, and emerging specifications on continuation-style programming, latches, barriers, atomic shared_ptr, as well as lock-free programming toolkits.

Codeplay is also proud to announce the launch of their ComputeCpp Community Edition Beta, enabling Early Access to the SYCL Open Standard for C++ Acceleration

We’re always delighted to speak with anyone interested in what we’re doing, so if you're you're attending, please come and say “hello”. If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the event, please use our contact form or follow us on @codeplaysoft and make contact!

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