Codeplay's Review of 2015

31 December 2015

2015 has been an energetic year for heterogeneous solutions, with substantial progress from many companies supplying into interesting market segments.

Codeplay’s ComputeSuite™ expanded in May with the announcement of ComputeCpp™, which will deliver The Khronos™ Group’s SYCL™ standard, enabling standard C++ applications to efficiently execute within heterogeneous environments. Codeplay has been involved in many discussions highlighting the benefits and gains of SYCL and, more importantly, we have released our ComputeCpp Evaluation to an impressive list of partners from IP processor developers, semiconductor manufacturers, academics and end manufacturers, allowing them to get hands-on access to the developing implementation of the standard.

During 2015, great enthusiasm for SYCL and OpenCL™ has been observed across many industries and not limited to the traditional markets. While smartphone and other hand-compute devices remain popular, automotive and networking solutions are making great progress towards open-standard-based solutions. Automotive technology will benefit specifically from Codeplay’s high-quality processes and practices towards ISO 26262 certification, leading automotive vision processing towards the golden target of autonomous vehicles.

Codeplay retains its strong involvement in standards bodies, especially with HSA™ and SYCL but also Vulkan™, OpenCL, SPIR™, and open-source projects like Clang and LLVM that enable those standards. While leading and contributing takes significant effort, our work ensures that the standards benefit from our great wealth of unique experience and knowledge, and that Codeplay retains expert knowledge to offer to our customers.

So, for 2016, our evolving products continue to include new standards. For example, Codeplay contributes to Vulkan and ensures our ComputeAorta™ core system is ready to support the new and developing standards for a wide variety of processor architectures. The automotive and networking products are adopting at a fast pace while smartphone products keep pace as the standards are released.

Finally, we’ve seen great successes during 2015, and look forward to getting more involved with new partners and products for 2016. Please take a look at our website to understand more about our offering, and of course consider our careers section to grow with us and meet the great challenges ahead!

All the best for 2016,
From Codeplay

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