IWOCL 2014

07 May 2014

Codeplay, a long term contributor to OpenCL™ and the Khronos™ Group, is proudly attending the International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) 2014, on the 12th & 13th of May 2014 at the lovely Bristol University in the United Kingdom.

We are sending four of our finest to the conference – two of whom are presenting during the jam-packed conference schedule.

SPIR me the details: building custom language support on OpenCL
12:40-13:00 – Tuesday, 13th May

At our first presentation of the day, Codeplay’s Technology Lead Neil Henning will take you through the basics of the OpenCL Standard Portable Intermediate Representation (SPIR™) specification, the tools that are currently in the wild to utilize this technology, and some of the many awesome benefits that this standard can bring for developers.

This presentation will be a bedrock for developers wanting to port other languages to use SPIR, how to build tools that can use it, and where the specification will be heading in the coming years.

SYCL : Abstraction Layer for Leveraging C++ and OpenCL
17:40-18:00 – Tuesday, 13th May

Rounding out the conference, Codeplay’s Product Development Lead of R&D Maria Rovatsou will present the recently announced SYCL™ specification from Khronos. We have been involved in this specification from its inception – and it is great to finally be able to present the ins and outs of how an application developer can leverage the power SYCL provides.

Come and speak with us!

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us at the conference, please contact us. Alternatively, look out for the Codeplay logo on T-shirts and hoodies, as we love nothing more than to have a chat with anyone and everyone about OpenCL and the surrounding ecosystem!

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Neil Henning

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