Multicore Devcon/IoT Devcon 2014

30 April 2014

Codeplay colleagues travel all over the place giving talks and sharing their knowledge with others…and next week is no exception. Andrew Richards, our CEO, will be giving a talk at the 9th Annual Multicore Developers Conference (May 7th and 8th) which is this year co-located with the Internet of Things Developers Conference in Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As the conference organisers put it: “It’s clear that multicore technology has become the norm in both embedded and high-performance computing. However, there’s still much more to learn about the ways in which system developers can utilize the full benefits of multicore devices. A large percentage of this learning relates directly to application-specific design characteristics, whether it be for smart phones, networking and LTE equipment, automobiles or supersonic fighter jets…but there are also many general techniques and concepts that would benefit every system developer.”

The Multicore Devcon is a unique opportunity to bring together cutting edge technical sessions and panel discussions covering a wide range of domain-specific and general techniques. Leading industry experts will provide their audiences with authoritative perspectives on how multicore processor technology will affect various industry sectors and product development as well as giving them a glimpse of what the future will look like…which brings me nicely round to our very own CEO’s talk.

Andrew will be speaking on Day 2 of the conference:

"Standards-based Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems"

As Andrew states: ” Writing parallel software for heterogeneous multicore processors is hard, but can give huge performance boosts. The new SYCL™ provisional specification from Khronos builds an easy-to-use C++ layer on top of the open standard, OpenCL™. SYCL is still a very new technology, having been released in March as a provisional spec. to enable feedback from developers and there will be opportunities for the audience to provide input into its future direction. My talk will introduce programming in SYCL and then I’ll look at using it easily for accelerating real-world software”

As well as being Codeplay’s CEO, Andrew is also Chair of the Khronos™ Group’s OpenCL SYCL Working Group and the HSA Foundation’s System Runtime Working Group.

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