Codeplay attended Global Game Jam 2014

27 March 2014

In January several Codeplay team members took part in the Global Game Jam, a worldwide videogame creation effort. The 2014 Global Game Jam involved over 23,000 participants and produced over 4,000 games, an incredible achievement in just 48 hours.

At Codeplay we are always working on creative solutions to difficult problems. We value out of the box thinking, collaboration, and a passion for development. These traits can be found in abundance at a game jam – passionate developers taking 48 hours out of their lives to create an entirely finished video game based on a global theme. Our staff attended the event intending to take on new roles and create some really new and exciting projects. To this end they joined groups with developers, artists, producers, musicians and other interestingly skilled individuals and we were very proud of the results! Teams involving Codeplay developers worked on an Oculus Rift horror game, a game which could be played by a blind and deaf person co-operatively, a strategic board game with procedurally generated pieces and a platform game where the player could create the platforms.

Codeplay is driven by passionate developers and we intend to attend, sponsor and create more game jam events in the future.

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