Offload™ 2.5.0 Released!

19 December 2011

Offload™ 2.5.0 released!Codeplay are pleased to announce the release of Offload™ 2.5.0, for PlayStation®3. This release brings together many improvements and delivers greater flexibility to developers migrating C++ code to SPUs.The changelog is as follows: 1. By default, if a trap word instruction "tw 31,1,1" is found within duplicated code targeted for SPU it will be translated into a stopd instruction. 2. Various template compilation fixes. 3. Compile time and memory usage optimizations. 4. Domain lookup optimizations for calling virtual functions on SPU. 5. New offload runtime functions for joining offloadThread_t handles with explicit sleep time and also a TryJoin method. 6. Introduced liboffload::data::LocalDataBuffer class. 7. C++11 - experimental support for auto, lambdas, decltype. 8. Improved error messages.This is a recommended upgrade for those already using the toolkit within their game titles. The 2.5.0 installer can be found at You must be logged in to download.Thank you very much for your continued interest in Codeplay's Offload™ Toolkit. Happy Holidays,Codeplay Team

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