Codeplay to attend SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 in Hong Kong 12th-15th December 2011

12 December 2011

UntitledCodeplay's Andrew Richards will be at SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong with Uwe Dolinsky, our CTO, and Colin Riddell, one of our LLVM GPU compiler developers. If you will be at SIGGRAPH Asia, why not drop by at booth D08 and see how we can help? Codeplay will be part of the Khronos Pavillion at the conference, along with some other specialist graphics and GPU companies.

Codeplay can help with GPU compiler software, whether it's performance optimization, correctness testing, or delivering next-gen GPU technologies such as a C++ version of OpenCL. We will even have a demonstration of our C++ to OpenCL compiler technology, called OffloadCL. This technology is available to be licensed into your own products, enabling GPU vendors to deliver a GPGPU capability that competes with NVIDIA's CUDA. Offload is being integrated into a number of game engines and is powering effects in NASCAR The Game.

We will also be demonstrating our GPU compiler infrastructure technology, including our system called Testplay. This infrastructure has been developed over our more than a decade of developing graphics compilers for customers. By having rapid monitoring of progress towards performance and quality goals, everyone on the team can help target on-time delivery and avoid nasty surprises. These tools also help bring new developers rapidly up to speed on GPU compiler development. Whether you are looking for specialist contractors, licensing GPU software technology, or a combination of both, we will be able to talk to you about how we can help. Our wealth of experience on GPU compilers means we can get projects moving very quickly, while also being able to keep a very strict eye on quality and performance goals.

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