Codeplay Offload™ free now available for SCE-licensed game developers

09 October 2009

SCE-licensed game developers can now download the release of Codeplay Offload. We have a new tutorial that shows how, with just a few lines source-code-modifications, you can get 2x performance improvement on typical game code. Licensed game developers need to go through the usual SCE approval process, which requires access to the SCE developer website.

Codeplay Offload™ is available for free, but users must credit use of the system on game packaging and splash screens. Prices for professional user-support will be announced shortly. The Cell Linux version of Codeplay Offload™ is undergoing final testing and integration work.

The system allows full C++ source to be offloaded to SPU, with minimal source-code changes (surprisingly few source-code changes in most cases. As little as just switching compilers and marking out a code section.) A source-level debugger is provided.

Codeplay is working on C++ library routines to enable easy parallelism across heterogeneous multicores, and invites others to do the same. The Offload™ system is particularly suitable for C++ template-programming to enable easy parallelism and offloading. Our tutorial shows a good example of this.

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