oneAPI 2023.2 Release

13 July 2023

This blog is now outdated and a newer version is available here.

Codeplay® is happy to announce the release of the 2023.2 oneAPI plugins for NVIDIA® and AMD, alongside Intel's 2023.2 oneAPI Base ToolKit release. These plugins, when installed with Intel's oneAPI Base ToolKit, extend the SYCL support to NVIDIA and AMD platforms - enabling all the benefits of open, heterogeneous computing for your hardware.

Since the 2023.1 release, we have continued our work to improve the stability and performance of SYCL on NVIDIA and AMD platforms through several bug fixes and performance improvements. This release continues that work, and you'll find some information on the main improvements we've brought to the NVIDIA and AMD plugins below.

For NVIDIA platforms, this release includes more aggressive inlining, which may bring significant performance improvements when compared to 2023.1. It also includes a SYCL extension to expose the CUDA texture cache through a new ldg built-in function, which can also be used in some cases to bring performance improvements.

For AMD platforms, we have improved the support for SYCL atomics, especially for very recent GPUs such as the MI250X. These improvements not only make using atomics when targeting AMD more reliable but it can also bring significant performance improvements.

To learn more about the 2023.2 plugin release visit our developer website, which includes download links, installation instructions and various guides on how to use and get the most out of oneAPI on NVIDIA and AMD. For more detail on the changes in the 2023.2 release, you can view the changelogs for NVIDIA and AMD.


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