SYCL Summer Sessions 2020 - Watch All The Presentations

09 September 2020

Have you just started developing with SYCL? Or have you been developing with SYCL for a while? There are already a range of resources for developers new to SYCL including Codeplay’s SYCL Developer Guide, and the open source SYCL Academy project. SYCL Summer sessions aims to enable SYCL developers to share their experiences in developing with SYCL in real applications.

We brought together some of the most knowledgeable SYCL experts from the community to talk about what they have learned developing their own SYCL applications and frameworks.

SYCL Performance and Portability

The first presentation was made by Kumudha Narasimhan from Codeplay and gives a good overview of the frameworks, libraries and also research and benchmarks that have been built with SYCL. This will give you a perspective on the breadth of the SYCL community and an insight into the performance portability that it brings.

SYCL Programming on Multi-GPU Systems

The Aurora Supercomputer being built for Argonne National Labs in the USA is aiming to be the first exascale supercomputer and Jeff Hammond from Intel has been focused on helping developers write code that can run across this kind of multi GPU system. Find out what advice he has for SYCL developers targetting parallel systems, including large supercomputers.

A Comparison of Programming Models with SYCL

If you want to get an idea of how SYCL compares with other parallel programming models like OpenMP and OpenCL then watch the talk from Tom Deakin based at the University of Bristol. Tom has helped to write a set of cross model benchmarks and presented his findings including some insightful code comparisons.

Lessons Learned Developing Frameworks with SYCL

Jan Stephan based at HZDR implemented a SYCL back-end for the alpaka framework and presented on some of the challenges he encountered during development. Learn from some of these including handling pointers and synchronization, and see how the new SYCL 2020 specification is helping to make developer’s lives easier.

SYCL Programmer’s Toolbox: Tips & Tricks for Effective Application Development

If you have some experience in using SYCL and want to learn some valuable advice on subjects including debugging, targetting multiple architectures, and development tips then University of Innsbruck’s Philip Salzmann gives a talk that will help you a lot. This is a fast paced presentation packed with great information.

Find the full schedule and details of SYCL Summer Sessions on the website.

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