HSA LLDB Release

01 June 2016

The HSA Foundation, along with Codeplay, announce today the release of an open source debugger for HSA software using AMD GPUs, based on the LLDB debugger from the LLVM foundation. The project is also connected with AMD's GPUOpen initiative: http://gpuopen.com/compute-product/lldb-debugger/.

The core LLDB debugger is part of the LLVM project. This HSA LLDB debugger is a separate project open source project in it's own github repository, which could eventually be abstracted and made part of core LLDB.

The source code for the HSA version of LLDB is here: https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HSA-LLDB-DEBUGGER-SOURCE.

It supports debugging kernels written with CLOC (the OpenCL C to HSA kernel compiler) as well as kernels produced with the HSAIL assembler.

A tutorial on using this debugger is here: https://github.com/HSAFoundation/HSA-Debugger-LLDB-Source/blob/master/TUTORIAL.md.

This project has been designed to operate as a framework for enabling cross-platform heterogeneous debugging within LLDB in the future.

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