SYCL is a royalty-free, cross-platform abstraction layer parallel to ISO C++. With SYCL, you can write high-performing code that runs across different hardware targets, with support for custom tuning to specific accelerators. It is open standard, maintained collaboratively by cross-industry working groups. Several open source implementations of SYCL have been created, such as the DPC++ project that is part of the oneAPI Base Toolkit.

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SYCL for Safety Critical

Codeplay® supports the SYCL open standard and currently chairs the SYCL SC Working Group. Anyone can get involved with the Working Groups through membership of Khronos®. Most recently, we have been elected as chair for the SYCL SC Working Group, which will create the open standard for Safety-Critical implementations of SYCL.

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SYCL Academy

The SYCL Academy repo is great place to start your journey with SYCL. We have created a number of code exercises and lessons to teach you the basics, with a wealth of additional materials also freely available at

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