Robust Compiler Correctness Testing

Testing is Codeplay's 'meilleure comp├ętence' and we have years of experience to prove it.

  • Do Your Need Full Correctness Testing?

    Codeplay have been testing compilers for as long as the company has existed. Our skills and experience in this area are second to none and we have the customers to prove it.

    Over the years, we have developed our own internal testing tools designed to deliver only the highest performing and most robust GPU, CPU or DSP compilers. Working with us to test your compiler will allow full access to our internal test suite and more!

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  • Robustness Testing
  • Correctness Testing

    Making sure your compiler can compile and run with verifiable results can be a daunting task. We provide developers who are experts at analyzing language standards, compiler toolchains, third-party libraries and drilling down into areas where there are problems.

    We produce Test cases for different stages of the compiler development process: Compile-only testing ensures language compatibility. Linker testing ensures binaries or libraries can correctly be produced. Runtime testing ensures correctness of the compiled program. Our experienced team can quickly produce many thousands of test cases to give you confidence that your compiler is performing at its best.

  • Performance Tracking

    Tracking the performance of your compiler can be tricky. Ensuring the correct features are tested and that important information is presented in an appropriate form has been the cornerstone of our experience in this area.

    We've developed tests over the years to track performance metrics like register pressure, vector register use, branching stalls, loading/storing overheads, and many more. Our developers have experience working with next generation technology, new platforms, FPGAs and simulators - and can quickly produce testing to accurately track just what is going on with your compiler.

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  • Standards

    Conforming to standards can be a challenge, one with which we here at Codeplay are familiar. Our work with the Khronos Group in helping to define standards like OpenCL™ and our affiliations with other standards bodies has set us in good stead in understanding what is required to get a compiler toolchain through the rigors of conformance testing. As our developers can work on your technology they can focus on problem-areas, work on analyzing the current state of conformance testing with your compiler, and can even provide feedback to the standards organizations themselves.

  • OpenCL and OpenGL