Compiler Optimization Services

Codeplay have the skill, experience and drive to help you build a high optimized compiler solution.

  • Complete Compiler Optimization Services

    We can work with you to create a compiler that will push the hardware it runs on to its limits. A more efficient compiler will produce code that increases battery life, improves performance, and reduces chip degradation.

    If you would like to talk to us about us optimizing or helping optimize your compiler, please press the button below to arrange a conversation.

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  • Working Together With Top Partners

    Codeplay works with some of the biggest names in the industry from Qualcomm to Geomerics. We have gained a unique understanding of what it takes to build the fastest and most optimal GPU, CPU and DSP compilers for your hardware and deliver the best solution.

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  • Custom Compiler Optimization Tools

    We take compiler performance seriously and we have developed a number of tools to help us produce the best results. * Testplay. A compiler testing and benchmarking system to measure performance differentials for each change to the compiler and much more * OpenCL™ Math Library. Comply with OpenCL's math precision requirements without sacrificing performance. * OffloadCL GPGPU Compiler SDK. Rapidly run complex C++ on any hardware supported by OpenCL. * Offload for Playstation®3. Industry leading tool to fully utilize the power of the PlayStation3 hardware.

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  • Faster Code

    By shipping an optimized compiler, you will help your customers to build better and more efficient software that runs faster and more smoothly, resulting in faster games and with better visuals.

  • Better Battery Life

    Our optimization services can massively improve the battery life of your GPU, CPU or DSP by reducing the number of cycles required to perform specific tasks. A better compiler produces better code, delivering a more optimal, less battery-intensive, experience.

  • Better Performance

    When your compiler is running optimally, developers will be able to take full advantage of your hardware, resulting in better performing games, less overhead and a premium experience.