Advanced CPU, GPU, and & DSP Compiler Development

Codeplay offers a wide range of compiler development services from creation to optimization and correctness testing.

  • What Do We Offer?

    Codeplay build, optimize and verify compilers for the full range of processor architectures, from CPUS to GPUs, DSPs, and other customer accelerators. Working together, Codeplay can help you build, optimize and test your compiler, ensuring high performance and standards conformance across the board.

    We have developed a number of compilers based on the open-source Clang/LLVM technology and for over a decade with our legacy VectorC proprietary compiler technology. Whatever your choice, Codeplay has the experience and skill to make your compiler a reality.

  • LLVM
  • Compiler Creation

    Codeplay has been developing, optimizing and testing compilers for many years for some of the world's top companies. We also offer complete compiler creation from start to finish. Our team of highly skilled engineers will provide world-class compilers for your every need.

  • Compiler Optimization

    Codeplay can work with you to create a compiler that will fully utilize the available hardware. A more efficient compiler will increase battery life, improve performance and reduce chip degradation, ultimately improving end-user experience.

  • Compiler Correctness Testing

    Codeplay offers industry-leading services in compiler testing. Whether testing for compiler correctness, performance tracking, conforming to standards or tracking runtime behaviour across products - we can test your compiler and provide a thorough analysis of what we find.