ComputeSuite™ for Automotive

ComputeSuite for Automotive is a complete standards-based environment for delivering a roadmap of platforms from ADAS to fully autonomous driving.

  • What is ComputeSuite for Automotive?

    ComputeSuite provides an integrated standards-based software environment for all of the processing cores on a System-on-Chip (SoC), so that processor vendors can quickly deliver open-standards-compliant platforms. ComputeAorta™ enables a low-level runtime that can deliver OpenCL™ support for the widest possible range of platforms and devices. ComputeCpp™ provides a high-level C++ development environment, which is being based on The Khronos™ Group's SYCL™ open standard. This modular and standards-based environment allows software developers to mix and match components, ensuring that their software runs anywhere and exploits the full power of the underlying system.

    For semiconductor companies wanting to add ISO 26262-compliant computer vision platforms to their roadmaps, ComputeSuite for Automotive will deliver the highest reliability, as demanded in the safety-critical automotive environment. Vision solutions in the automotive industry, such as ADAS, benefit from ComputeSuite providing reliable hosting of applications on a wide ranging heterogeneous SoC products.

Products, Standards and Targets for Automotive

  • Open Standards
    Algorithms Supported
    Open Source Libraries
    Level of Autonomous Driving or Assistance
  • sycl
    Advanced Machine Learning
    Self-Driving Car
  • opencl
    Programmable Vision Algorithms
    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • OpenVX
    Basic Vision
    New Standards ?
    Basic Vision and Advanced Infotainment
  • opengl
    Graphics Only: For Providing Information to Driver
    Infotainment, Dashboard etc
  • Quick to Integrate

    Codeplay's ComputeSuite technologies are designed to quickly and easily integrate directly into your current development toolchain.

  • Use Standard Tools

    ComputeSuite provides standard programming models (OpenCL, SYCL, C++ 17) as well as working with standard CPU compilers and standard retargetable compilers (LLVM) for accelerators.

  • High-Level Programming

    The ComputeSuite family scales from low-level (OpenCL) to high-level programming (C++ 17 and SYCL), enabling solutions ranging from basic machine vision to advanced machine learning.

  • Future-Proof Design

    Our technology is based on standard specifications that will be maintained and developed many years from now ensuring your products are built now for the future.

  • What Does ComputeSuite Offer?

    For semiconductor companies, ComputeSuite enables delivery of high-quality open-standard programming models, with a roadmap from prototyping and evaluation (today) to full autonomous vehicles in coming years. This roadmap can be delivered to automotive customers, allowing them to evaluate your platforms today and develop automotive software from basic infotainment, through a range of ADAS capabilities to future machine-learning-based fully-autonomous driving.

    For automotive companies, ComputeSuite enables full control over the software and tools stack. By licensing source code, validation suites and a range of tools, as well as a rapidly-growing ecosystem, automotive companies can provide full customization across a range of hardware platforms and software applications.

    • ComputeCpp™

      For developing complex software for applications such as computer vision, ComputeCpp provides easy-to-use, powerful, open standard C++ software development. The first release of ComputeCpp will support the SYCL for OpenCL standard from Khronos, delivering open standard C++ across all the cores of a heterogeneous System-on-Chip. ComputeCpp for Automotive will deliver ease-of-development and code re-use, while still following ISO 26262 requirements.

    • ComputeAorta™

      ComputeSuite contains a core runtime, ComputeAorta, that can be quickly customized to support new processor cores. ComputeAorta will deliver a range of low-level open standards, including OpenCL, for processor cores to enable rapid support of the latest software and ISO 26262 quality levels.

Built Upon Open Technologies

ComputeSuite is built upon and supports a wide range of Open Standards.

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    SYCL is The Khronos™ Group's standard for developing C++ software on top of OpenCL. The ComputeCpp product will deliver SYCL for OpenCL on top of devices supporting SPIR, such as those from Intel®, AMD®, Imagination Technologies® and ARM®.

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    OpenCL is the most widely-adopted industry standard for delivering software acceleration and power efficiency on processor cores, including CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs. ComputeAorta will deliver OpenCL support on CPUs, ensuring that it is always available for developers, while also being customizable to new processor architectures.

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    ComputeSuite and its components fully support Khronos' SPIR standard, allowing a huge level of component compatibility and re-usability. ComputeAorta uses SPIR as a standard interface, allowing programming models such as SYCL (via ComputeCpp) to be built on top.

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