ComputeSuite™ for Application Developers

Integrating the power of the System-on-Chip to unlock its hardware potential for application developers.

  • What is ?

    for Application Developers.

    The ComputeSuite product combines Codeplay’s high-level ComputeCpp™ easy-to-use C++ standard development tools, with the low-level ComputeAorta™ runtime to ensure that open standards-based parallel software can run on the widest possible range of platforms and devices. By being modular and standards-based, software developers can mix and match components to ensure that their software runs anywhere and exploits the full power of the underlying system.

    • ComputeAorta™

      Multi-platform Core Execution Engine

      ComputeAorta is Codeplay's core execution engine that developers can use to ensure the open standards they use (such as OpenCL™) are always available, whether the platforms that they target provide support for them or not. ComputeAorta can be user-customized to support new devices, platforms and features.

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    • ComputeCpp™

      Delivering Full C++ Running on Accelerators

      ComputeCpp is an easy-to-use standards-based product for lowering the power consumption and increasing the performance of C++ software. ComputeCpp, when licensed as part of the full ComputeSuite product, can be customized by software developers to support new optimizations, features or platforms.

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  • What Does ComputeSuite Offer an Application Developer?

    ComputeSuite integrates a number of different components that work in unity to provide a smooth and seamless development experience, harnessing all the computational power of a system-on-chip.

    By licensing source code to application developers, Codeplay enables developers to enhance their development experience with their own innovations.

    • A smooth and seamless development experience

    • Demand extra performance with reduced power overhead

    • Unleash the full power of the system-on-chip

    • Ability to target a huge range of devices using open standards

    • Write up to 85% less code utilizing our sycl implementation

    • Build more efficient & future proof code bases

Built Upon Open Technologies

ComputeSuite is built upon and supports a wide range of open Standards.

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    SYCL is The Khronos™ Group's standard for developing C++ software on top of OpenCL. The ComputeCpp product will deliver SYCL for OpenCL on top of devices supporting SPIR, such as those from Intel®, AMD® & Imagination Technologies®.

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    OpenCL is the most widely-adopted industry standard for delivering software acceleration and power efficiency on processor cores, including CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs. ComputeAorta will deliver OpenCL support on CPUs, ensuring that it is always available for developers, while also being customizable to new processor architectures.

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    ComputeSuite and its components fully support Khronos' SPIR standard, allowing a huge level of component compatibility and re-usability. ComputeAorta uses SPIR as a standard interface, allowing programming models such as SYCL (via ComputeCpp) to be built on top.

  • Try ComputeCpp CE Today!

    We have recently launched the community edition of our ComputeCpp product into the wild. You can download and try ComputeCpp CE for free! Please note that to download you will have to create an account and agree to our licence terms.